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 In Ireland, Georgia and Armenia  

Ireland 2009

Ian and Mkrtich in front of mount Eragal, Ireland, 2009 Aird ar Armenia

Mín a’ Lea


During my stay in Donegal, Ireland I continued collaborating with Ian Joyce and did exchange with Cló. 

is an exchange residency between the Gaeltacht and the Caucasus region funded by Ealaín na Gaeltachta and in 2009 was awarded to Nuala Ní Fhlathúin and Mkrtich Tonoyan.
Visual material will also be presented by Ian Joyce along with a poetry reading By Cathal O’ Searcaigh.   

Déardaoin 24ú Mean Fómhair ag 7.00 i.n.  


Armenia 2007, 2008 

Ian and Mkrtich 2007, Armenia.

 In my studio, 2008 
Ian Joyce Mkrtich Tonoyan
During the residency, Armenia 2008

Georgia 2007

Tbilissi Hosted by the Goethe Institute 
Uplis-Tsikhe, 2007

The “Anthelion” project, initiated by artist Ian Joyce and Cló Ceardlann,
focuses on developing artistic and cultural links between European peripheries, interpreting contemporary artistic expression as a medium of communication between culturally and linguistically distinctive regions. 

In Clo residency place in Tbilisi-2007
 In the residency place of Clo in Tbilisi.

Artists and curators are invited to participate in a workshop symposium on the basis of making specific contributions to these research themes. 
Invited Presentations:The Symposium is structured around invited presentations, based on the themes of the project:
1. Art Technologies
2. "Etymologies and Linguistic Connections." 

ACOSS presentation by Mkrtich Tonoyan

ACOSS presentation. With Georgian friends.



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