vThese works where created during the
Military Art workshop at Formverk and
where exhibited there.

Workshop: 21st Feb.-3rd March, 2011

4th 19th March, 2011

Were made 2 installations 

Installation 1

Vantage point N# 2011
Let’s zoom in on an accidental location, which exist only in my imagination. I always have vision of two parallel realities; Peace and War. this installation includes both at the same time but we have to change our position frequently to see them.

I do not want to dwell about the question of “how is the world in reality?” but rather on “how we would have liked the world to be; what is mankind's utopia?” and we have choice actually…
But that means displacing the military spirit into the world of art, since that spirit being the creator of wars is also the part of the human civilization and culture. Maybe black side of culture, but it exists.
“What we should do not to carry this culture?”


Description and execution:
It is build the maquette of a town on a cardboard; using mixed technique and urban landscape photos.
The installation has frontend and backend from where one can see different pictures of the town; in the peace and in the war. There were used landscape photos of Yerevan and Eskilstuna.
Backend vantage point is made like the lens of а military field binocular  The size of the object is height-1.78/ on 120cm X 143cm. 

Installation 2

Exhibit-remain from the war 
This work is about the sure-realistic and irrational reality of life mode during the war.
People are so close to the nature, they become part of nature, they become nature… 
The execution of this installation is connected with the memories from the war, when after the battle worriers had they supper, which became the last supper for worriers, and there was soil in every piece of food and it was like “soup with soil”, “toast with soil’’ and “soil with soil” …
The soil replaced the bread during that “last supper” in 1994. 

f d

Description and medium:There are used Armenian traditional bread “lavash”, which was used in deferent propose during the war; like rolling some food in it, binding wound and as bread.Mud made from the soil giving shape of bread and a kettle (mobile pot for soldiers) and butter on the “mud bread”.

f s
It is exhibit like in the museum under the glass.