InstallationDu’n na nGall

Donegal (English, the fortress of foreigners)
Location: “The room of the unknown artist ”,
or the “Room for Seosamh Finn”, at the Living Archive
Date: 2009

Installation done
under the auspices of the ‘Trasnu’ Scholarship
during the residency stay in Clo’:

Concept: Du’n na nGall is an art object itself...

Installation, general viewThe work I did is an installation imitating the landscape of Donegal. It relates to the first impression I got walking between mountains and hills near small lakes, on the bog. The ground here is turf, which is neither used for agriculture or building. It is so black and such a nice medium for art works. Local people cut turf in a brick shape, dry it and burn in the winter.
I asked myself what keeps people here alive here in such an unstable climate and on such infertile ground? 
How do they sustain life here and build, where the earth itself is soft under foot?
What keeps them here…?
Then when I went to cut turf and intended to go deep to find Installationwhat is under the turf that would allow them to build a house, the fortress of their identity, I discovered rocks!
It is the rock also of their faith their strong belief in and knowledge of their great ancestors.
I discovered also that the character of an Irishman is as contradictory as his landscape. You must go deeper to see his essence, which is a rock, a rock he has chosen.
It is so close to the heart of Armenians. That’s why when I entered into “the room of unknown artist”, (the room of Seosamh Finn) which is built on the rocks from the rocks, I told myself, “here the first part of my installation is already done, done by their history of struggle, it needs just a little bit ofFragment cosmetics …. which I will do ”.
I started then to look for the right “cosmetic materials” and I found it; turf, wool, stone and a little wood. 

Execution and description:
In the “room to the unknown artist” in Min an Lea (the place of the flagstones) near Gortahork, Co.Donegal, the house is built directly on the rock. The floor is rock. There is also a traditional Irish fireplace, a window and 4 holes in the walls. Installation was done with local turf, wool, stone and wooden sticks.